Tap into your inner peace and serenity

I will help you learn the unique way that your body communicates the desires of your Soul. 


Body Talk

Has your body been

  • calling for attention by way of chronic pain?
  • recycling dense energy showing up as disease?
  • feeling run down and fatigued daily?
  • riding the mental roller coaster of emotions up and down from day to day?
I'm ready to talk to my body!


It may be time for a session if...

  •  you find yourself experiencing chronic pain and inflammation in your body and may be wondering what it is your body is telling you.
  • you find yourself stuck and repeating the same patterns and behaviors over and over again and are looking for a way off the merry-go-round.
  •  you experience feelings of depression or anxiety and are looking for more holistic and inspired ways to move through your reality.
  •  you're ready to heal and clear the way to your inspired life.
I'm ready, sign me up!


Holistic Health and Wellness

Embark on the healing pathways that lead to your optimum state of wellness. Together we will 

  • Look at and trace the origins of your chronic pains
  • Discover and release the stories that you have stored in your body that manifest as discomfort or disease.
  • Recognize and release old programs/patterns that are repeating in your life freeing you up to write a new story that lights up your Soul.
I'm ready to release!

What clients are saying...

“Keisha is a master at quantum healing. Desire Serenity is my go-to happy place when I could use some guidance and help. ”

Ric M.

"I HIGHLY recommend an Intuitive Healing Session with Keisha. Get in the healing process and the un-hurt you will blow your own mind”

Kanikki C.